Barbados Wireless Networking


Posted on 12-01-2021 09:47 PM

Barbados Wireless Networking Services - (Brecal, Inc.)

All of our wireless and networking services are provided by our sister company Brecal Inc.

We provide a range of wireless system design, consulting and installation services in Barbados. For most commercial design/installations, we will be glad to provide a written quote for the equipment and installation services based on your company's specific situation. 

  • Design - The initial phase of any wireless project is to determine the specific application needs and the predicted demand.  For larger businesses and resorts this may involve a site survey to map out coverage areas, establish base usage, and predicting future growth.
  • Installation - Brecal, Inc. can install wireless networks in offices with as few as two computers as well as in larger businesses with a greater number wireless clients.  We specialize in installation services for high-speed Internet access to small business and Barbados resort owners. Call us and we'll be glad to give you a quote on any size installation.
  • Testing - Before we turn a wireless network over to our clients, we conduct signal strength tests throughout the physical site and areas of services.  We will map out the coverage to insure you get a wireless network that provides optimum connectivity for your needs.
  • Security - A wireless network requires a higher level of security from the very nature of the wireless based connectivity.  We can conduct a wireless audit and recommend available security options.
  • Maintenance - Let us keep your wireless system up to date with regular checkups and testing.  We offer maintenance contracts at very affordable rates.  Interference and configuration changes may slow your wireless connectivity and cause throughput problems.  Since wireless technology is our specialty, we will likely be aware of new equipment and firmware upgrades before the average user/owner.

Barbados Wireless Services

  • Design and Consulting
  • Hardware Sales and Installation
  • Configuration and Testing
  • Security Audit
  • Maintenance  and Support

 Barbados Resorts

"Guests traveling to Barbados expect high-speed internet access.  Resort owners find wireless high-speed internet access is the most affordable option to provide this service."

A lot of resort owners can provide this service to their guests at a very reasonable cost.  It is much more affordable than installing the necessary equipment required for many data-cable solutions.  It also requires less restrictions on your guests to enjoy other services and areas of your resort.